Gorgeous places : The palace made for photography

by Kajsa Josephine

Just finished a hectic day at school an eventful one. Usually I hand in papers in my native tongue, Norwegian, but today was a first entering the Swedish territory. I somehow felt like a fish trying to find water to swim in. Norwegian and Swedish have a lot in common but there are pitfalls.  You have to listen quite thoroughly to a conversation to learn what to write and to avoid.

Glad I don’t have any plans sounding 100 percent Swedish. That will take forever.  In my head everything I say or write sounds wrong.  The confusion is complete when I try to have short language lessons in Russian during evenings.  My native tongue must suffer, anyway it will perhaps be just all right. 

I would like to share a few photographs taken at Peterhof in Russia, now that Russia has been brought up. This time with me. Peterhof is the perfect spot for photography.  Who wouldn’t like a grand yellow castle, green trees, bridges and an endless ocean.


Photography by Kajsa Josephine & Alexanya Chuprova