At the galleries : on a Sunday

by Kajsa Josephine

Yesterday was a rather rainy day in Gothenburg therefore I thought it was a clever idea to visit our local galleries. I seldom have the time or imagination to suggest such events during weekends. But it felt just what I was supposed to do. We have a couple attached in the city centre, Konsthallen and Konstmuseet. Both offers a vide range of painters, genres and centuries. I probably prefer art that is somewhat easy to interpret. Hence it is more likely that you’ll find me in sections of works by artists such as Monet, Paul Rubens and the like.

Here Konstmuseet offers what I’m looking for but nevertheless I do appreciate contemporary art, and that’s what Konsthallen is offering. Right now an exhibition about contrary motion is worth visiting. I found the exhibition a bit hard to translate at once but when I got home I read more thoroughly about it and it all made sense.  However, it was in the bookshop at Konstmuseet I truly made my discoveries. Among, a photographic journey through Soviet architecture. I was more than eager to buy it but I was in another price range. But, what is more appropriate than to share a few findings here.


Photography via Mobil & arkitipintel