Charming Places: The Palace in the Garden

by Kajsa Josephine

With May already in full bloom it’s quite pleasant to reminisce about happy adventures. I don’t know if you are one of those people who glances at photographs thinking “how is it possible that this seems like yesterday, and at the same time like ancient news.” I got a few adventures of the kind.Probably it is the charm of progress. No matter what happens the same personality traits remains.

I like to share with you some photographs of a trip I went on in 2009.  It is a vacation that still remains a personal favorite. Mainly because it was quite fun to get a firsthand experience on life in a Russian city. That’s something I’ll never forget.  Therefore for you, a glimpse of St. Petersburg. There’s no need investing in long hours at museums in this city, the city is a museum itself.

Photography by Kajsa Josephine (Only use with permission)