Charming Places : The Perfect View

by Kajsa Josephine

Lets leave Egypt for a while and fly across the Mediterranean Ocean to a petite island.  I have the fondest memories attached to this particular haven of brick, religious diversity and historical changes.  This island is the perfect synonym for summer.

Often thoughts have crossed my mind about where I consider summer portrays itself in the most brightest colors, and I can’t think of nothing else than this island of mine.  A perfect destination for leisure, or for someone devoted to culture.  With this I have attached a rather perfect tale to tell,  and it has to contain a friend.  Her idea was of course this island.  I had originally invited her on an East European quest to Riga, Latvia, but she suggested why not go somewhere south. Thanks to her I had the best summer possible, sweaty but in any other term a vacation made to please me.

The highlight was a rather strenuous climb up dozens of stairs to a castle perfectly situated on a hill, leaning its boundaries slightly around the edges. A tale tells of a noble guest, the apostle Paul is said to have harbored here, and the castle is a great starting point to view exactly where.  I surely did this, and I was content. This was also the perfect way to get familiarized with the place itself, a cute picturesque village.  Sometimes I dream of going back to this island, the busier life in Rodos and the stillness of Lindos.

Photography by Kajsa Josephine (Only use with permission)