Sacred Places : At the Foot of the Mountain

by Kajsa Josephine

I think I want to leave Germany for a little while and turn my head southwards. Don’t you think it is good having variation on the table.  I do. Nothing is more pleasant than to go here and there.  Just about what I was doing in January,  I literally began a new year in buses in the desert. Sleeping, eating delivered food, sleeping some more, waking up and reading.

All untill I arrived at a sight that reminds of a David Attenborough screening, only this time a bit more crowded. Here I was with my beige archaeological suited pants and an Afghan pashmina tucked around my neck ready as ever. Little I knew about what waited inside, all of a sudden a stranger pulled my body towards, took my pashmina and arranged it neatly on top of my head, he even grabbed my camera. All for the sake of earning money. He finished a rather unpleasant and embarrassing photography session with me, I felt like a center piece.  After the last shot I rushed to take my camera back, ran as quickly as possible out and in the hurry I got the hiccups.

Now when I think back I’m glad I got those memories to reminisce a rather stressful experience at the Temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor. That photography is securely placed somewhere safe, let the Temple speak for itself.

Photography by Kajsa Josephine (Use only with permission)