Charming Places : A Yellow Palace

by Kajsa Josephine

Yesterday I began telling you all about my latest adventures in Germany and now the voyage continues from Cecilienhof to another gem. By chance I did a bit of research in advance and originally my intention was a few days in Berlin City Centre. However plans change, and so does a heart in its desires. I simply had to sweep resistance under the rug, I simply had to go no matter what.

Then it took a bit of a detailed mind to get everything done in a day, I had also made a short stop at Wannsee before Potsdam got all of my attention. How worth the effort. I haven’t taken much notice of German Pre-War history but that swiftly changed. I can’t think of a place that depicts a work of art so effortlessly.  The yellow building happily situated in an absolutely astonishing garden,  I most certainly wouldn’t work there as it would take forever to work the lawn mower.  To be frank I wished I could tuck it in my pockets and brought it home.  I guess I’ll have to be content with the thought of having been there.  If you happen to be fortunate going to Germany in the Berlin area go to Potsdam see Cecilienhof, then Sanssouci as described and end the day in Brandenburger Strasse or any other street with a piece of cake and tea.  I assure you won’t regret it.

Photography via fotopedia