Charming Places : A Little Piece of England

by Kajsa Josephine

It is absolutely incredible to notice how many that takes interest in Anne Boleyn, I wrote about her in some of my earlier posts and I didn’t quite imagine the number of people into her. I’ve brainstormed now and then why she fascinates, I think it is the fact that she gave birth to Queen Elizabeth I, but also due to all the mystery she embodies. I don’t want to speculate much just for the simple fact that she is no more and therefore there’s no point in asking why, when, where. Instead give her peace and rest.

To continue further with the royal topic have I decided to devote more energy towards the legacy and estates scattered around Europe. I’ve travelled some around the continent and visited quite a few brick houses, castles and mansions. The latest is an absolute jewel. No wonder why emperors, kings, queens and so forth clung to power. Hence, as I was in Germany in March this year I embarked on a small adventure with S7 (S-bahn) from Zoologischer Garten in Berlin to Potsdam main station. My ultimate goal was a charming little wonder by a small lake.  Where time almost stood still and somehow could I confuse myself being in England instead as it reminded me of an English cottage. If I had the time I would’ve prepared a picnic basket, packed a couple of blankets and spent the entire day.  Well all in its appropriate hour, fortunately the story continued further in the city of Potsdam (highly recommended by the way) but that is a story for another time.  For now Cecilienhof is the main attraction.

Photography via ryansimmons