The Good Life : On a Bench

by Kajsa Josephine

What if I said that you could get something splendid absolutely free? Well, not entirely but the experience definitely. Don’t you think it would be marvelous indeed.  Right now I’m in a patiently waiting wonderland.  While being in wonderland I bought a can of soda then hunted for a good place to take in spring. I absolutely love being outdoors when I can let a summer dress glide on my body, put on some cute shoes, take my very environment friendly bag made of 100% fabric. Indeed when I’m on a nature-kind of quest an environment friendly bag is not only necessary but mandatory.

Where I like taking my environment friendly bag is to the nearby outdoor places. Those places that doesn’t require a VIP pass or a golden ticket.  I’m simply free. While being entertained by youth. Some on skateboards. Other chatting and do the same as me, just leave every worry behind. For a couple of hours. To soak in the sun, to see flowers live once more again and to eat, perhaps from a neatly prepared picnic basket. Simply be with yourself, cherished people.  However I don’t think I’ll turn out loving woods but parks indeed they are highly appreciated. And being said above is it absolutely free, isn’t it great that the good things in life doesn’t cost a fortune.

Photography via The Revolution