While We Wait : A Rather Royal Tale

by Kajsa Josephine

A royal wedding is now only two days away and soon in the making, and the tabloids are covered with how the wedding dress is going to be and photographs showing every little progress like the church decorations. For a woman like me it is utter heaven, since it is just as fun with royals now as at toddler stage.  What’s not to like? From a soon-to-be Princess is transported by horse and carriage to the church till she leaves in duty and meets her loyal subjects is it all about traditions. Perhaps also adding new. I just like the fact that it is a ceremony that is bounded in the most humble and deep-rooted traditions.

Now that many royal homes across Europe adds people from the people itself is it almost like the story of Cinderella is now becoming true.  Probably a few girls have imagined them in a setting where they were the real Cinderella, you can most likely add me to one of those. But for now a day in true wedding spirit is fine enough for me, I cannot think of any duty afterwards that excites me enough to even be persuaded into such a day where every girls fantasy comes true. Anyway hopefully Friday turns out to be a great day in London! I wish I would’ve been there.

Photos via Guardian & Panoramio