Mountains and Chocolate : A Norwegian Easter

by Kajsa Josephine

Easter is now securely stored away in the closet again, for safety reasons I’ve padlocked the door, who knows when the Easter Bunny wants to stretch its arms in the air. Well, I think more of the sweet treasures that all the neatly decorated eggs hides, those aren’t good for any work-out regime in the long run. What a relief that it is a few months to go before any sweet creature jumps up and down in joy of being released from socks, eggs and cupboards.

I’ve done what is required if I want to pass the Norwegian citizen test.  Some would say it was a most necessary duty I finally can cross off, a 100% original Norwegian Easter consists of eating enormous amounts of chocolate, driving up to a specific cabin, if the weather allows it a long cross-country session, oranges, crime shows, crossword puzzles and woollen socks. What can I say did I do any of this? Of all of the above I only had chocolate, solved crossword puzzles and watched one crime show.  How is it possible that the year I finally is acting fully Norwegian the weather gods are playing nice. For me it couldn’t have turned out better, what is more to my like than to receive an early summer. I don’t know if it takes another go wintertime qualifying me a spot being proper Norwegian. Right now I think I’m just about highly satisfied with my effort.  Indeed it is great to return to city life again.

Photos via mydeco & homes-interior Both photographs are inspirational on how to decorate your next Easter Table in the forthcoming year,  I have no involvement and I think there are some good ideas on the table now.