About Time and Elegance : Purses and Dresses

by Kajsa Josephine

When the word vintage pops in my mind I instantly think of women who possess grace and virtue.  Petite women walking about on sidewalks, all with delicate purses. I see them check out every window for something interesting, a sale perhaps. They are on the sidewalks to be seen like a jewellery of some kind, they are simply the embodiment and description of a certain gender. All the requirements ticks off.

I’m sure that we all, now I speak for the women out there, that it seems like miles away. Here I am having a late breakfast in my comfy clothes, and know that a pair of jeans and a t-shirt is what’s required. The fuzz of getting ready to be seen isn’t hard at all for women nowadays, that’s perhaps one reason why I sometimes imagine a life in dresses, skirts, neat hairdo’s and nylon stockings sound attractive. Just for you I’ve gathered together some of my favorites just as a nice Tuesday reminder of how the fashion used to be.

Photography via thecarriageheldbutjustourselves & ageorgygirl