The Third Shelf : Black & White Photography

by Kajsa Josephine

Among all the joyful items I have stored in my somehow unorganized space, books are my most treasured.  At the moment my collection is spread around, I have a few in my mom’s attic and a few samples with me. So gallantly they wait to be opened, the golden, the pink and the blue. Anyhow they carry delightful thoughts, just the thought of running my fingers through them is a happy thought. For every page that touches my finger a world of memories liberates. Some collected on travels other in the still of a moment.

While I was on a private excursion in the German capital, I let my presence enter a little bookshop, it contained the most interesting books. Lovely editions of the art of mind, in this particular bookshop with the most natural name, Gutenberg, I narrowed down to one book, a little piece of delight, a medium-sized little treasure.  Hence me being a novice in German other options were scarce. However I’m glad I picked that particular book, because it was perfect for me.  Every page told a story, a story about the different buildings erected before World War Two, photography accompanied of course. This book will go perfectly with my other ones, and when I run my fingers through it I’ll think of Berlin. For you here is a couple of samples of Pre-World War Two Berlin, it’s magnificent don’t you think?

Photographs via colorsinlove & germanhistorydocs