One highly effective way: of spending a Sunday

by Kajsa Josephine

It is most welcoming to listen to the angelic conversation between the birds outside, it’s a mailed notion of spring.  A season for polishing off the winter on window surfaces, perhaps painting that most needed layer on the house or getting busy trimming the bushes in the garden.  Spring brings forth so many promises of  long evenings in friendly manners.  Gathering friends around a rustic table. Pouring lemonade into matching glasses, and just sit. That what’s makes winter all worth it.

This is what Sunday also is for, to just sit.  Those other days pass by in running speed anyway.  Blissfully it is quite the treat to have such a day. A day just for sitting.  Do not swipe that gym membership card, it can be kept inside the backpack untill Monday.  For me Debussy is the perfect Sunday company plus the birds of course.  If you want to join in, take a chair (couch), nature sounds or your favorite classical piece and sit with me.  It’s nice isn’t it?

Photo via Smashingmagazine