Weekend Pulse : Vanessa Paradis

by Kajsa Josephine

Lately I’ve been glued to my school literature, nothing gives me a merrier heart than to pick off dust from shoulders just to realise there is something going on outside.  What would make this an image of a perfect student complete: taking my notes around, make stains, spill coffee or something else, tearing my assignment sheet asunder, any damage would be fine.

And what goes hand in hand with this is a movie in the foreign language, French this time, Heartbreaker with Vanessa Paradis to be exact, just to let a brain work overtime. Not that it was particularly hard work though on a Wednesday evening. Why? With quick comments and posh surroundings I could just lean back and relax. It was the best comfort to an overloaded head, therefore I would like to start off the weekend with a French touch of glamour, and Vanessa Paradis is a great ambassador.

Photos via MFD