Yummy Monday – St. Gaudy Cafe

by Kajsa Josephine

Olives plays a vital role in this Monday’s food adventure. The round black and green shaped little things grows on me, but only if they are accompanied by humus of some sort and bread of course.  Certainly I ate just this last week, I tracked down a local cafe in Berlin, got on the subway and strolled down the streets of Prenzauler Berg with that purpose in mind.

It really amused my eyes to be on a new quest, opening new territories in a well-known city, and to just have food on the road map was something new. Well, it wasn’t such a bad goal, the cafe was just as charming as I had imagined, a bit homey actually. Here people came to read, eat and study. Any sort of people. The young, the life-experienced, the artsy, just any kind of people. I liked being there and the food, Olives, of course was probably the healthy choice for a late brunch, and a great way to nurture my body after an early airplane date.

Photography by Kajsa Josephine