Yummy Monday – Marie Callender’s

by Kajsa Josephine

Right now I’m comfortably seated in my newly moved couch, just chilling after a pretty long day. I guess you would think the same if you had to go through world history in just two and a half hour. All I could think about was pie, I simply wanted pie. Not the typical European one, I only craved banana cream pie which is my favorite. I eat banana cream pie once a year actually. When I take my spoon on a culinary ride I’m in wonderland.

This particular Monday I do not want to emphasize the importance of kitchen work, I just want it quick and easy, why spend unnecessary time when the best banana pie is made entirely, or almost on fabricated food! My wish list this evening is a few packages of banana cream pie filling and perhaps a crust? Would that be way out-of-order?

Ok, I might manage to make the crust myself, but I’m rather helpless on the filling part.  Well, I’ll be an unhappy fish swimming around in its bowl untill I get a piece. But if you are lucky to be somewhere near Salt Lake City, be sure to swing by 3000 something north or south, I cannot really remember, and look up this magnificent place! I can promise you that pie is on the menu!

Photos via Kajsa Josephine & Real Simple (Recipe)