Weekend Pulse : Rasmus Seebach

by Kajsa Josephine

When is the last time I’ve enjoyed good music? Not in a million years I assume. Or that’s how I categorize last year, it feels like an eternity. Growing up, learning. Working on the adult label, still, and I’m saying this lightheartedly glad that I’m not quite there yet! I don’t know how see yourself, but I’m not seeing myself permanently living in the suburbs with children, a car bought cheap, animals running around in a well you guessed it perfectly trimmed garden, you most certainly don’t want to be the one in the neighborhood with badly cropped bushes. Most certainly you want to be the one with every requirements checked off, hence being the perfect suburban wife.

Well in my hears this sound quite far off my charters anytime soon, I think it is fair to say Weekend is a much more approachable goal. This weekend as I almost never share what I do with you, I’ll be having the absolute delight of Danish music. Rasmus Seebach is quite the charmer, and it will be a treat to take part when he sings.

Happy weekend!

Photos via Annabelle Magazine & Devianart