Wednesday Book : The Confession

by Kajsa Josephine

When I’m on the move, no matter what kind of motion I always buy myself a new book. Occasionally a few magazines, to fill time. Usually I like to fill it with something light, my head needs a well-deserved break from anything school related.  That is work enough for my precious brain cells.

I’m not the one who devotes my time at different crime scenes, but somehow when I was at the train station and just wanted the bus to come, I glanced at a few book covers, and I wasn’t quite sure who I wanted. But then I just grabbed one that looked fine enough, and it was the latest criminal novel by John Grisham. It was quite all right! Well, it is not the typical novel in that genre, the murderer is actually described on the back cover. Which is absolutely after my own heart, and to my delight a true American crime scene.  It was quite easy to understand what the author wanted with this book, but that didn’t bother me much. It was just interesting to read something American for a change. My copy was beautifully golden, and it almost looked like a bottle of perfume! Also after my taste and heart.

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