Travelogue : Luxor/Cairo, Egypt

by Kajsa Josephine

A month or so before the year ended last year did I ponder where did I want to be this New Year’s? Many of the previous ones had been close to home, and I put my cells into motion, would they prefer to be somewhere abroad this year? Or would they be just as happy anywhere near home, would they need to cast their votes? I didn’t want to make the mistake of disappointing any. Therefore waiting in anticipation as they made their decision, I googled a bit.

The result! A most welcoming trip to Africa and Egypt, my hands were shaking was this all of a sudden becoming a reality? Well it became something very real, I packed everything neatly into a red suitcase, then I headed off to my greatest adventure. Here are a few of my most treasured memories, just a month before the revolution.

Photos by Kajsa Josephine