Weekend Pulse : Alexander Terekhov

by Kajsa Josephine

As I mentioned earlier this week am I doing something quite fun this Saturday, I’m not saying anything more than it is a purse, boat and open waters involved. Food is also on the menu, I cannot wait to eat something different for a change.

Well, in its proper time. To sum what’s been the focal point when it comes to adventures this week, why not use the weekend getting dressed if not physically in petite, exquisite fabrics from the Russian designer Alexander Terekhov.

He makes fashion look just as easy as it should, no need to embrace yourself a day without breathing or getting button marks right under your belly button. Simply breathe out, eat all the good bits you wanna this weekend, the clothes are the least of your worries.

With this I hope you get a nice weekend!

Photos via Alexander Terekhov & Coolspotters