Thursday Guest : Mademoiselle Robot

by Kajsa Josephine

From a somewhat newly devoted blogger to another, my new addition to an ever-growing tree of friends, Mademoiselle Robot. What began as a small project some four-five years ago, by Laetitia Wajnapel has now gone beyond. Mademoiselle Robot is fashion.

With that comes traveling hand in hand, and much to my awe and utter bliss, Mademoiselle Robot took on Oslo! She was invited to the Haute-Couture-Womenswear show by the Norwegian designer Fam Irvoll during Oslo Fashion week this year, and she wrote on her blog: “my favourite was this ensemble, reminding me of the 80’s cigarette adverts in the magazines. But most and for all the femme fatal vibe of it all”

What’s your idea about it?

Photos via megannielsen & Mademoiselle Robot