Traveling for dummies

by Kajsa Josephine

Just yesterday I made myself happy and merry, I’m on to a little adventure this weekend. I’ll keep my mouth shut just because, by all means it might turn out to be nothing like all the sentiments I have right now. Anyway it cannot turn out to be the biggest mistake. If there is good food involved it adds up.

Yes of course I’ve had my portions of funny and embarrassing experiences while traveling,  the first one happened in St. Petersburg, Russia. I thought I had a fairly nice grip on the language, so there I was ready to order at KFC, and don’t you think I managed to make grammatical errors. The young man behind the counter must have thought: “Stupid foreigner.” My lesson learned was keeping my mouth shut, just because being a foreigner you have to pay extra at museums, and I sure wouldn’t want to reveal my identity.

My best tip therefore is basically ally yourself with a local, that person will fix any embarrassing moment. I had mine and it was less embarrassing getting help to order food grammatically correct. If you follow this you might enjoy this pearl and gem!

Photos: Josephine Agersborg