Yummy Monday – Cafe Brogyllen

by Kajsa Josephine

Due to traveling last week did I have to postpone my Yummy Monday, but now it’s time. I’ve walked the crazy path this weekend indulging in a new-found passion, and I crave for more. Out of the ordinary I ordered sushi, non-cooked fish has never been something on my Yummy-list, but now it is!

But that’s not the focal point this week! It is something quite the opposite. I’ve taken the time to fall for something else too, a small local cafe that I simply cannot resist. Not perhaps for the food, but for the lovely tea pots. I just love to have my own, pouring never-ending amounts into my cup. Something that is perfect for sharing or if you just want infinite cups. I would be sure to order one and then a small piece of something delicious to accompany. Why not start there, and then move on to explore the city? Just across the canal you’ll have the opportunity to learn history.

Photos via mrswolf & mayalicious