Thursday Guest : Anne Boleyn Files

by Kajsa Josephine

I just want to hold on to Anne Boleyn for just a little longer. Usually I don’t like favoring people but she is my first pick among Henry’s wifes.  Some time ago I swung by a most welcoming site, I beat if the author and I met we would become the very merriest friends. Claire Ridgway has dedicated her time unlocking the secrets of the Tudors, and especially devoted to Anne Boleyn “The Most Happy.”

But it doesn’t end there. She keeps a shop, and there are gems to be found there. Steve Millingham who has supplied jewellery for “The Tudors” and “The Other Boleyn Girl” has made a lovely replica of the famous Anne Boleyn B necklace.  I sure wouldn’t mind wearing the necklace.

Come with me to Tudor time!

Photos via elizabethan portraits & elizabethfiles