Hotel Stories

by Kajsa Josephine

While I’m hunting for that perfect hotel somewhere it’s easy to be amused reading hotel reviews. Some complain about thin walls, others about dated rooms or street noise. Others in the other end gives high marks to the exact same hotel. It is easy to feel stranded on a deserted island and thinking how can I possibly find something good?

A huge part of a vacation in my eyes is the hotel. I would be telling a lie otherwise.  But seriously I have had my share of dodgy rooms, unwanted plus-one guests, crowded space, I’ve even tried finding sleep sharing a car of nine people. Yes it is incredible what type of sleeping arrangements I’ve experienced. Yes, but all of them has made me appreciate a good hotel more. Anyhow, I don’t hesitate trying different sleeping arrangements in the future.

What do you think? Would you want to sleep in a former prison. It is nicely situated on the coast of Latvia, Liepaja to be correct. Perhaps a good tip is company? You never know what creeps under your bed or in the hallways.

On the far end my dream is sleeping at the Grand America in Salt Lake City. I’ve been fortunate having taken a sip of a mojito there, and if you don’t think you can afford this treat, enjoying a drink or two is also very fun.

Photos via bing & howstuffworks