Josephine’s Thoughts

by Kajsa Josephine

Recently I’ve written about deeper issues under the huge umbrella “Life as We Know It,” but now I’ll gather them if I have any under “Josephine’s Thoughts.”

Right now I only want to fly somewhere. I don’t know where, but my travel belly has began moving again. Sweden is by all means a nice place to be but hopefully a quick trip somewhere is on my list.

While I am in the waiting line why not share a great tip or two if you visit Gothenburg sometime, and you would like to be educated visually, then The Museum of World Culture should be on your list.

But if you just want to play and have fun is Universeum the place. I’ve been there once and never have I had any more fun! You can be 90 and still enjoy this treat.

Photos via World Congress on Conductive Education & Centrumskolan

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