Weekend Pulse : The King’s Speech

by Kajsa Josephine

Colin Firth has since the dawn of time been my favorite actor, well almost, he gets healthy competition from last year’s Inception guy. I’m one those that goes to the movie theaters only to watch him or her on the big screen, the movie itself it’s just a bonus, and in Colin’s advantage a surprising bonus.

It’s been a while since I left the movie theaters feeling so happy and content. It might be the fact that every little detail like furnitures, doors, costumes and acting where properly executed, and to witness Colin in such a huge role also delighted my soul. I think he has surpassed any expectations I had, and it’s safe to say that he can be delegated the responsibility of a leading actor, and it’s also safe to say that Colin still is my favorite. There is a saying about wine, and with Colin it suits perfectly. He only gets better with time.

Photos via montages & fanpop