Weekend Pulse : Patterns

by Kajsa Josephine

I can honestly say I haven’t gone shopping for ages, and my wardrobe hasn’t exactly expanded to its limits, but yesterday I got inspired to check out my local stores. Could it be more perfect that just about any store hosted sales. Unfortunately I found a dress I liked, just to discover it being way big.Perhaps that is the disadvantage of a sale, the stores are supposed to get rid of items.

Anyway I bought myself a magazine instead and it was just as rewarding to read about the latest trends, I have to say my stomach tingled a bit when I glanced at a certain trend. A lot of designers have traveled all over the place to find inspiration and the destination above all – Latin America – I just love how they’ve added bold patterns to the runway. It takes a courageous woman to wear such items, but that’s what’s got me interested because you simply can’t ignore her who enters the room.


Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2011

Photo via WorkChic Inspiration via Chic