Life as we know it – music

by Kajsa Josephine

My other Life as we know it themes has surrounded beauty and dilemmas, and today my emphasis is music, and the lighter part of life. You don’t always pay attention perhaps to the never-ending flow of it all around, f.ex malls, subways and streets. You might perhaps think you have a private moment when your ears are hidden under earphones, instead some music lets loose and blends nicely with the buzz.

I’m one of those people, sometimes I’ve thought to myself, how intimate that moment can be. Just by listening to what people are liking you get access to a small percent of a person’s shifting personality, f.ex in my case where I have an Italian and German music project going on, that I actually should begin on anytime soon.

I wonder what type of music you like? and if you recommend something? I’m keen to know and it could be just about anything.

Photo via Mashable