Travelogue : Copenhagen – Denmark

by Kajsa Josephine

First of all I would say that if any knows the bus services in Scandinavia I’m that person. I barely remember a three-week period in just one place since December. The bus and me have become just merry and cheerful friends. A couple of weeks ago or so, I set the alarm and woke up as early as possible to get on the bus to Copenhagen, and before I knew it and less awake I got off. With luggage and everything, I wandered the streets of Copenhagen, the weather was just as friendly, and it blew my hair in all directions.

What I did the time with my luggage and me was most importantly get hold of a map, and just walk. We had a joyful day in churches, down by harbors, drinking tea, eating cookies, study kinship and visit parks. After all of this we managed to get on the train to Hellerup to get some company, and to rest. We are sure Copenhagen is on our list in the future. Afterall it takes more than one visit to learn everything Danish.

Photo: Josephine Agersborg, ask if you want to use it