Monday with special guests

by Kajsa Josephine

Nothing beats a Monday when the alarm don’t go off, exactly that is what’s this Monday is all about. I absolutely adore having the luxury of eating breakfast in my own pace, and just dust out stress and every day doings. One of the things I especially am fond of if time allows it, its carrying my breakfast to the TV, turn it on and watch a couple of cooking shows.

I haven’t had much time practising my cooking skills lately, and it is therefore a delight to see good chef’s in work. Since I promised on Friday that I would eat some desert the now past weekend, I’ll share with you a couple of my favorite shows in the same alley. The first one, how can you not be tempted to continue watching? With a title named Sweet Baby James, I simply cannot resist.

If that don’t get the sugar buds rolling I think the other desert expert I like will get them in motion at the very least. Who can resist the temptation of Glamour Puds? Not me, I admit cakes gets me going, and I could simply request that any Monday should start with a delicious treat, just to elongate an already good weekend.

TV Channels: BBC Lifestyle and Lifestyle Food, Australia

Photos via Singapore BBC Lifestyle & Grocerytrader UK