Historical Fashion Runway – Tudorstyle Sequel

by Kajsa Josephine

Last weekend I began my Fashion Runway project and the first lady to enter was Anne Boleyn, my original thought was only adding ladies to the runway, but then when this week progressed I felt that Anne simply couldn’t walk all alone, so I’m now already breaking my Runway Rules.

She needs her fatal love beside her and securing that I’m happy and content. Henry XIII is hereby cordially invited to join Anne on the Runway holding her hand while walking, this time only if it’s done in peace and happiness. My two Anne’s Natalie Portman and Natalie Dormer will each get one Henry each, Eric Bana and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  On my Runway bickering and quarrels should never occur so therefore for safety measures both my favorite Henry’s need to enter the Runway as the third and fourth member.

Stay tuned for more to come next week, when time travels might be a reasonable scenario.

Photos via Pandoras Archive & Otago Daily Times