Fun Friday on the road

by Kajsa Josephine

I promised last week that I was going to mingle more, and if getting on the bus early in the morning counts, I’ll cross that promise off the list. I’ll spend all weekend here and there. Just as I like it. Just traveling all over, it is always fun to cross any country border even if that country is mine own.

Oh yes, how fun it will be dining and talking with my family again. That is fun enough for me today. I wonder what my mom will cook for me? If it is something Norwegian, Italian or perhaps it’s a recipe from Denmark and a super healthy family there? I’ve grown up eating all sorts of healthy food, and this healthy lifestyle is no stranger.

I wish you all a great weekend, Ninka&Co might inspire you to try something new. Anyway I won’t put any pressure because I might end up eating desert or chocolate after all.

Photos via Hajkillen and Babybusiness