My Thursday guest

by Kajsa Josephine

Time flies, time flies. An hour becomes sooner or later a day, and sure my first week blogging as gone by, but I love to write and my humble laptop has become a great tool. I know I have to spend some time reading today, I have a couple of books piled up just waiting to be opened. Perhaps I’ll indulge myself with a piece or two of the dark chocolate that rests in the fridge as I write.

I had quite the festive afternoon yesterday, I treated myself with a box of healthy ice cream, those words cannot possible fit? But yes, they fit perfectly together, because my ice cream was made of oats. Sounds weird but it tasted heavenly.  Oh, how I dream of sitting in a decorative garden with a bowl of ice cream and just hear the breeze of summer. Perhaps my friend can help me, her latest post makes me want to lock my credit card inside somewhere, not to jump on a plane this very second. Be sure to join me dreaming away here with my friend mmforsberg.


Photos via Vogue Living Australia