Life as we know it – Dilemmas

by Kajsa Josephine

I’ll follow-up the theme I had yesterday, as I love talking about life and what life offers. Today I’ve thought about how dilemmas can be a tricky friend, and this tricky friend this time is money and material goods. I know for a fact that money is important to prosper and advance. I also know that money can put dreams on ice or just be an everyday factor of frustration. How fun is it eating noodles every day for a whole week?

I’m not afraid to say I would be more than happy with more money to spend, with this in mind I want to portray a dilemma. In a reality show I finished today a woman had to choose between her friend and money. Since it screened last year I’ll let you know she chose the money, and I’m just curious if you would have done the same?