Historical Fashion Runway – Tudorstyle

by Kajsa Josephine

History and old-fashioned buildings have always kept me busy. No matter the historical context. You would never guess how many buildings I’ve paid tribute to. Anyway this blog ain’t gonna involve those. Instead I wish to take historical fashion into a closer look. It is an obvious fact that fashion changes but women never changes. It could be just anything from a corset to a pair of boots. Women are women. If the trend requires something, they are quick to claim the item.

With this in mind I want to add a selection of historical figures to my runway, they’ve all done something to change the course of history, and the first I want to add is a woman who I think deserves a better spotlight.

She is no other than Anne Boleyn. In the short time she was at court she colored it in French manners. Both Natalie Portman and Natalie Dormer has worn the role of Anne Boleyn. And they are for sure on my runway. Every weekend I’ll add more. Stay tuned! And YOU might help me filling it.

Photos: fanpop – fan clubs for everything