Women in all their glory

by Kajsa Josephine

While I was running on the treadmill earlier today I wondered about what I wanted to share in my first post. And then from inspiration I thought about the wonderful women that inspires me in different ways.

There are four wonderful women that write about everyday life and specific interests. What I like about all of them is the diversity among them. Even though all shares the tag – woman – is that tag filled with interests.

The first lady among those is my very own sister, and what I cherish is her honesty. She writes a personal blog in Norwegian, http://www.familienrosaker.blogspot.com/

The second lady is a distant cousin, only by miles. She is among the most talented and beautiful women I know. Her blog is about her singing abilities and she writes in Norwegian, http://camillafredrikke.blogg.no/

The third lady is also a distant cousin, and I recently reconnected with her. She is always busy exploring and she is a great cook! Her blog is a balanced blend of health, fashion and food also written in Norwegian, http://perlen.blogg.no/

The fourth and last lady is my globetrotter friend based in San Fransisco. She is someone I’ve always looked up to. She is her own kind. Not afraid of doing things her own way and her blog is not Norwegian but English,  representing this , http://www.mmforsberg.com/blog/

I encourage you to get to know all of them, they are all unique in all uniqueness, something like the diversity between Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda.

Photo: filmweb.no for promotional purpose